New Data Supports Software Training Needs for BIM Teams

Victaulic Introduction to Construction Software Training - BIM Software Training

New Data Supports Software Training Needs for BIM Teams

Posted on February 27, 2020

As companies settle into 2020, many Architect, Engineering and Construction (AEC) employees are being asked to think about their personal goals for the year, some of which may include receiving additional education and training on MEP software.  Even the latest Dodge Data & Analytics Report “The Business Value of BIM for Mechanical and HVAC Construction” notes one of the biggest challenges preventing mechanical contractors from leveraging the use of BIM is “training needs for employees and a lack of available manpower to create BIM models.”

To help Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) teams understand the importance of software training and learn how to find training courses, Victaulic, an Autodesk® Connect & Construct sponsor, provided an Introduction to Construction Software Training on the Connect & Construct forum.  Click here to learn how investing in software training will benefit your organization by providing product knowledge and expanding opportunities for trade unions.

The good news for those teams considering or embracing BIM is there are resources to support their efforts in adapting today’s technology in preparation for their projects of tomorrow.

Victaulic recognizes the importance of training as a cornerstone for success when modeling for MEP projects.  We offer customized BIM training for your team, including how to use 3D scanning to initiate a project and how to visualize a project with virtual reality technology. Victaulic brings you best-in-class workflows with the most up-to-date technology and software on the market. 

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