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HDPE Joins Geothermal HVAC System for a Community’s Passion Project

Nebraska community center chooses Victaulic mechanical couplings as its HDPE joining method for the Geothermal HVAC System project

HDPE Joins Geothermal HVAC System for a Community’s Passion Project

Posted on October 24, 2019

How is HDPE Pipe Joined?

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe is most efficiently joined using mechanical couplings. Designed for plain end or grooved HDPE pipe, Victaulic® couplings offer a quick and simple joining method, requiring only simple tools and able to be installed vertically or horizontally and in all weather conditions.  Mechanically joined HDPE pipe is strong and durable, meeting or exceeding the pressure ratings of HDPE pipe. Keep reading to learn more about how Victaulic’s System Solution for HDPE Pipe was used in a geothermal HVAC system.

Joining HDPE for HVAC

For over six years, the City of Hickman, Nebraska, spent time planning a multi-purpose community center and city hall for residents. After overcoming some initial budget concerns, the $4.36 million project was completed in January 2018, boasting a mezzanine, multipurpose area, reading center, kitchen, bar, city hall, and a state-of-the-art in-structure geothermal heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, which included 1,800 feet of HDPE pipe. Mechanically joining HDPE pipe with Victaulic’s System Solution for HDPE Pipe allowed the contractor to efficiently construct a reliable and non-corrosive system ahead of schedule and under budget. By using Victaulic’s mechanical solution as the project’s HDPE joining method, the City of Hickman was quickly able to celebrate the opening of its 680-person community center.

The contractor opted to use HDPE pipe for the HVAC system’s distribution piping to help alleviate the project’s financial impact and ensure timely completion. While the community center’s contractor primarily focuses on small residential and commercial projects, the simplicity of using Victaulic’s mechanical solution as the project’s HDPE joining method allowed the company to take on a larger project and construct the community center’s HVAC system with ease and without third party assistance. Mechanical HDPE pipe joints helped the company lower operating costs and use less equipment for the entire installation.

According to the contractor, combining HDPE pipe with Victaulic’s HDPE joining method made for an ideal pairing, allowing for efficient installation of the system, especially in tight spaces.


“HDPE’s lighter weight and flexibility allowed my team to quickly install the system design with ease…A major factor in our decision to use HDPE was also reliability. We wanted to create a system that would last for the City of Hickman, and that is exactly what we did with HDPE.”


The project’s design engineer agreed that HDPE was the right material for the system:


“I am pleased with the outcome of the Hickman Community Center project. Relying on HDPE’s resistance to pressure fatigue, I now incorporate it into the specific guidelines for all geothermal projects upon owner approval. I anticipate that more and more geothermal systems will rely on HDPE for in-structure distribution piping than ever before.”


The Hickman Community Center demonstrates how the benefits of HDPE go beyond time-saving and cost reduction. Without the use of Victaulic’s System Solution for HDPE Pipe, the use of cost-effective HDPE pipe may not have been feasible on this project. For Hickman, the use of HDPE pipe and Victaulic’s mechanical solution for joining HDPE pipe helped make this community’s dream for a central gathering place for local government and recreation a reality.


Victaulic is the leading producer of mechanical pipe joining solutions. Engineered with confidence, our solutions put people to work faster, while increasing safety, ensuring reliability and maximizing efficiency.

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